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Magicjack, the worst VOIP phone provider out there!

Good day all. I am very pissed right now at magicjack, the well-known VOIP phone provider that you always see on TV offering the cheapest rates around, like $20/year for a US phone number.
Let me explain my issue. Some time ago, I decided to try out Magicjack's iPhone app. Overall I was amazed how reliable and solid phone calls were, given it was a free service. I had for a while considered adding a US phone number to my magicjack account, since it is only $20 for the whole year. Yesterday evening, I finally purchased the number. After purchasing it, I made a phone call to see if my new number would show up on my friends caller ID. It did not, nor did it show up in the MJ application. So I figured maybe I needed to log out and log back in again. The only way I knew of to do this was to click the forget me on this device button and then re-connect, no big deal, so I thought. Boy was I dead wrong! Attempts to connect to magicjack with the app after clicking forget me on this device resulted in an error saying "Your device is not on this account"
Excuse me, but it sure as hell better be, considering I'd been using the magicjack free service for months on the exact same device! My iPhone 4S did not magicly become another device in a 30 second period!
Complicating matters even more however, is the fact that back when I first registered with magicjack, I used an email address which is now no longer in service. This is the email address I had been logging in to MJ with when using the free service, since once you set up an account, you cannot update or modify it. When ordering my phone number yesterday however, I had the option of adding a new email address, which I did, so that I could be sure I got my order confirmation. Apparently whenever you add an email address like that, it assigns it its own password, though it won't tell you this, unless you request that the password be sent by using the app to say you forgot your password. So basically I now had two email address log ins for the magicjack web site which took me to the exact same account!
Though I could log in to on the computer and see that I had a US number, using either of the 2 log ins that now went to my account, I could not log in with either address
using the magicjack app itself, so that I could actually use the product for which I had just paid!
Every single attempt to log in with the app would give the your device is not on this account error. Well if my device isn't on the account that had been using magicjack for months for free, then what the hell account is it associated with!
I literally spent most of the night trying to get the magicjack app to connect to my account, but after 7 plus hours, and two attempts at restoring my phone from a known good working iCloud backup, all were unsuccessful! The only thing I did not attempt to do, nor do I want to do this, was to restore my phone as a new phone. My guess is that may fix the MJ app issue, but I cannot afford to do that as I would lose valuable data such as my notes, messages, and contacts among other things.
I should not have to do that anyway. Clearly something on the magicjack servers is associating my account with another device all of a sudden, or it thinks my 4S device belongs somewhere else. Account holders though can not modify any account settings whatsoever! When I used the magicjack app for the very first time last year, I had an iPhone 4, then later got a 4S when I switched carriers. The only thing I can think that may be going on is perhaps MJ's system is trying to now associate my subscription with my long gone iPhone 4! If there were a way to authorize or de-authorize devices on an account, I wouldn't be needing to write this post right now. Magicjack's so-called support doesn't do anything but read from scripts! They don't even have phone support, and it seems there is noone at all that can actually understand my frustration and be willing to try and correct the problem!
I spent 2 hours trying to chat with them today, and all I got out of that was yet a third email address that is now associated with my magicjack account, and just like with the other 2 addresses, attempts to log in to magicjack with the app using the newest address give the error your device is not on this account.
If magicjack would just give it's users more control over their accounts, like most other web sites do, this likely would no longer be an issue. Allow devices to be added and removed at the user's desire, is that so hard?
I should point out here that I do not need, nor do I want an actual magicjack hardware device, I strictly want to use magicjack with my iPhone only, that is all.
So for now I wait and see if anyone higher up at magicjack will actually try and get back to me so I can use the product I put money into. I'm not holding my breath though, and if I feel it necessary, I will have no problem contacting my bank if I have to, in order to get my $20 back, if it becomes obvious that MJ will not allow me to access my own account using my desired iPhone 4S. Earlier this morning, I made a video where I rant in detail about my experience with magicjack. To me, it's sad that magicjack operates this way, giving users virtually no control over their account, and not providing any useful support, yet they still are in business.
When the magicjack app works, it works well, and I honestly hope I'll get to see it work again, but the fact that this kind of a problem can occur, and you as the account holder can't do a damn thing about it, that makes no sense to me.
Here is the link to my video, feel free to share and comment.
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