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Magicjack saga update: There may be hope yet!

Here's the latest on my magicjack saga discussed in detail in the previous entry. After getting nowhere with online support, I emailed dan at which is the address for magicjack's CEO. This address is monitored by a few people I'm assuming. I gave a detailed description of what my issue was, and after a few go arounds back and forth, I was finally informed that my new iPhone, that is the one I have now, originally registered with magicjack back on January 2, 2012. I also was finally told that it was registered using my gmail address, an account I didn't think I had been using on this phone. I guess because it'd been so long since I registered it, I'd forgotten that I'd set it up with my gmail address and not the old inactive email I thought I'd been using. so what it boils down to is that I mistakenly placed the order for my US phone number, using an account that was on my old iPhone 4, not realizing this of course. A magicjack account can only have 1 device associated with each magicjack app. So I have requested a refund of my original purchase and they tell me I should see it within 3 to 5 business days. Assuming this happens, I can then proceed to re-order a phone number under the existing gmail magicjack account. This actually works out fine, since this is a working email address that won't be going anywhere anytime soon. I'm still not happy that magicjack gives users so little control over their accounts, and you cannot clearly know which device you have on your account, nor can you remove or add a new device. It would also be nice if you could see when your subscription became active, rather than having to email several times to get this info. By the way, the iPhone 4 account which was the account I first ever used the magicjack app on, registered in October 2011. And yes, I do once again have the magicjack app working on my iPhone 4S, obviously using the propper account, using the free magicjack service as it always has been doing. I'll attempt to attach a US phone number to it once my refund comes through.
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