Monty Icenogle (kd6cae) wrote,
Monty Icenogle

Microsoft's Volume activation management tool VAMT being odd!

Welcome to December everyone. Well I'm encountering an issue I've never ever seen before. I normally use the VAMT tool from microsoft to keep track of my windows 7 product keys, and until this evening, I've never had any issues with it. However, earlier, I tried to input a newly retrieved product key for windows 7 professional. This key was freshly retrieved from dreamspark, the program I have access to through my school which allows me to retrieve software for educational use. I actually retrieved 2 separate keys, one for windows 7 32 bit, and 1 for 64 bit windows 7. Neither of these keys will get accepted by any version of the volume activation management tool that I have. I tried with both VAMT 2.0 and the current version VAMT 3.0. I don't want to use the keys I retrieved unless I can verify with VAMT or some other way, that the keys are valid. Since the keys were gotten directly from the dreamspark web store, there's no reason they should not be, but the fact that VAMT refuses to recognize either of them, when I've never had any issues with any other product keys I've had over the years that VAMT supports, is a bit of a concern to me. So I wonder what's going on here?
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