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Does microsoft not want me to order a technet subscription?

I'm not happy with Microsoft at this point. Yesterday, February 12, 2013, I decided to order a technet professional subscription. I placed the order yesterday afternoon, and got the confirmation email. However at this point my card was not charged. It took over 20 hours before I heard from microsoft, and when I did it was them calling me to tell me they flagged my order for random review, as part of a screening process to help reduce fraud. OK fine. I had two options. One was, that they charge my card right away, but it'd take 5-7 days before I'd have access to what I ordered. Since I wanted instant access, as I should get instant access when ordering something electronically, I opted for the second option, which was that they cancel the order, and then I re-place the order with the same info. That should work well I thought. So the order was cancelled, and I tried to place the order again. As soon as I placed the order, I got the following error.
1072 - We apologize for the inconvenience, but your credit card cannot be authorized for this purchase. Credit card issuers will sometimes decline legitimate transactions if they look suspicious or are outside of your normal spending pattern. This helps protect you from fraudulent use of your card. You should contact your card issuer to assure them that the charges are legitimate and then retry the order again.
I did just as the error suggested, and contacted my card issuer, and they told me that the charge did go through, and I verified this fact. Even still, I tried two more times to place my order with Microsoft, and each time, I kept getting that 1072 error. Yet the charges were processed and currently show as pending. Since I made a few attempts, there are currently over $1,100 in pending charges on my card from Microsoft, yet Microsoft isn't letting my order go through! What is going on here! The card is being charged, and other purchases from other companies are working fine, but microsoft will not process this order now! What can I do here? I don't ever recall it being this hard to order anything, ever! I've tried posting to the technet forums, and hope somehow I can contact Microsoft and get my order processed. I sure as hell am not trying a 4th time to get it to go through, because clearly it won't, and I want to know why, because funds are there, and this should not be happening!
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