Monty Icenogle (kd6cae) wrote,
Monty Icenogle

It's been a while, but time to rant about apple a bit

Well I didn't realize I hadn't written on my blog in over 2 years, until tonight. As I think I've said before I'm still very much around, mostly on social media, twitter as well as facebook and audioboom, and every now and then youtube. But I come here to do rants mainly, and tonight I have another one, this time having to due with apple and the long standing bugs relating to its voiceover screen reader on the iPhone that just don't seem to ever get fixed.
One specific bug that really annoys me is when trying to manage storage within iCloud using my iPhone 5. Whenever you go to manage storage, and click on the device who's storage you want to manage, (in my case I only have my iPhone 5), after clicking on the device, voiceover will cause the settings app to totally crash for some unknown reason, preventing me from actually fully seeing the apps and their storage amounts within my iCloud account. I've verified that it is voiceover causing the crash to occur. I've done this by turning off voiceover when going into the area where the list of apps for my device is listed, and the settings app never crashes, yet the moment I activate voiceover, the settings app crashes pretty much every time! Surely I'm not the only blind user experiencing this issue? This has been an issue for I don't even know how long, at least since iOS 8 has been around, and I think before that possibly. My question is what the hell would make the fact that voiceover is active cause the settings app to totally crash? Another random bug which annoys me is when I'm composing a message say using the messages app, and voiceover just out of nowhere crashes and restarts! Thank god it restarts after a crash, but what the hell would make it randomly crash in the first place? I mean all I'm doing is typing! And finally, here's a bug that I believe effects each and every blind person using voiceover on the iOS device. Try going to settings, iCloud, storage, change storage plan. Notice that the prices for each plan read with no issues with voiceover, however the actual storage amounts you get with each plan do not read at aall! This issue started back when iOS 8 was initially released, when apple introduced newer storage options with the introduction of iCloud drive. All a totally blind person can see is prices, but they have no clue what the storage amounts they would be paying for would be! So I happen to know that for $0.99, I get 20GB, but someone sighted had to tell me this, I mean for all I knew I could pay $9.99 and only get 20 megabytes! Of course this wouldn't be the case, but you get the point. This is a very serious bug, and how could it be around for 5 months, and still not be resolved? And what if apple changes their storage options? As of now, blind users, who have to use voiceover, won't be able to even know of the changes! I realize that blind people make up a very small percentage of apple's total user base, but there's more than just 5 or 10 of us, and these bugs should be looked into! I still love my apple products for the most part, but it seems accessibility might be starting to become an afterthought. Very sad, and I really hope I'm wrong. I use to enjoy apple products quite alot, even testing iOS betas such as iOS6 and 7, but now main production releases such as the current iOS 8.1.3 have bugs that should by now be resolved I'd think. Maybe stuff is just getting too complex, I don't know, but I can't understand why voiceover will not read the actual iCloud storage amounts in the list of storage plans, when it reads prices on that screen just fine. So crazy, and I hope accessibility bugs will in fact still get looked at.
Tags: accessibility, apple, bugs
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