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Why does some home internet have to be crappy?

As I prepare to start what should be my final semester of school tomorrow, I had to do a little discussion about crappy internet, or at least what I consider crappy internet. You see, the place I'm currently staying at, which I was able to secure just in time to prepare for classes, is at a friend's place that's an apartment complex here in Lancaster. This itself isn't a bad thing at all. The person I'm staying with has internet, but it's not through any of the providers which usually serve this town. My original plan was that if I didn't like the internet offering that's already here, I could just bring in my own internet connection, and in my case that would've been via Time Warner Cable (TWC), as I really wanted to try out their 200 megabit down, 20 megabit upload internet package they now offer in this area. I was all set to do that, until I found out that this complex I guess only allows services via DirecTV, and there is no TWC connectivity anywhere in this complex! So we have TV through DirecTV, which is a satellite provider, and internet through something I've never heard of called Consolidated smart solutions LLC. I'm not even sure how I'm getting physical connectivity, whether it's via wireless or DSL, but I'm thinking wireless, since I know it's part of the deal with direcTV in this complex. The speeds on this internet connection are around 6 megabits per second download, and just 1 megabit per second upload, and that's it! With me doing periodic large file uploads and backups, I'd like to have at least 5 megabits up nowadays, and with me soon replacing a failed 2TB hard drive, I'm going to need to download around 300GB of data from a temporary place I'm storing the old data at. At 6mbps, that's going to take well over 4 days, and uploading that data back to my online backup service so it's safely backed up again, is going to take weeks at 1mbps! If I was going to have an exclusive deal with an apartment complex or the like, I'd make sure the internet was good and fast, at least 25 or 50mbps down, and no less than 5 megabits up, and I'd likely have options for folks to get faster packages if they needed or wanted it. But even crazier than all that, is that in this area, my cellular service through Verizon Wireless, is rock solid, with great full signal levels! And, tests done on my Verizon connection show me able to achieve download speeds of between 21 and 30 megabits per second, and upload of between 14 and 15 megabits per second! Now of course mobile internet speeds are quite variable by nature, but I think something's wrong, when I can achieve better internet in this area on my phone than I can on the apartment internet connection! Of course I'd love to use my phone for doing the large data transfers when I need to do them, but of course I can't do this, because of the data cap I have, and no matter what my cap is, if I were to initiate these transfers via my phone's connectivity, I'd go well over my cap, by many many times, resulting in a bill that would require Bill Gates to come pay it for me!
This is not how I ever imagined internet connectivity options would be. I think if a provider serves an area, it should serve all of said area, and no one should be able to say no you can't serve this complex or anything like that. Because of this, I do believe I currently have no options for true high speed internet other than my phone where I'm at. If only there were a database of places one could go to get true high speed upstream and downstream access to the internet, that would be great. This is 2015, not 2004, true high speed of at least 20mbps should be the norm these days, and really we should have symmetrical internet access, but that will never happen at the consumer level on a wide scale. I'm amazed we ever made it out of the dial-up era, considering no provider seems to want to improve network connectivity anymore. Verizon FIOS, which I had hope for when it was first deployed that I'd get to have my own FIOS connectivity one day, is pretty much done, with no further deployments going on, heck I never even see promos for FIOS anymore! I can't believe a company would want to just stop deploying a technology that has awesome potential now, just as it did then! I know several people that are lucky enough to have FIOS, and I'd love to have it myself, as my friends that have it, usually get rock solid symmetrical speeds that blow away what I can get here. But alas, I guess I'm stuck with my always on dial-up connection, lol. At least I'll get periodic access to the campus network which in most places on campus is 100 meg symmetrical, provided I can get Ethernet access to it. The wireless is a little strange, but that's a discussion for another time.
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