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loving new computer

For the first time in about a year, I've once again got a computer, after selling my old mac last year around this time to a family member. This new computer I got from Costco, and it's quite a nice laptop. It's a Lenovo Y520 series laptop with an incredible 16GB of ram, and it has 2 drives, a 2TB storage drive, and a 256GB SSD which of course is where the operating system and programs live. With the extra storage of 2TB separate from the main operating system drive, I'm able to if necessary, format and reload the operating system, and not lose data files at all! Pretty sweet. Of course these days, I've got plenty of places to store stuff off site as well. These storage options include, 1TB of storage at both Dropbox and Onedrive, 100GB at Google, and unlimited storage, currently totaling 1.7TB and counting at Amazon. Plus for temp storage, I've got some virtual servers with about 60GB total capacity as well. Yeah I should be good for a while. So yeah this laptop is awesome so far. And oh yes I bought it here in Oregon where I'm visiting friends, so the price I saw would be the price paid, no sales tax to worry about, yay.
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