Monty Icenogle (kd6cae) wrote,
Monty Icenogle

Corona Virus, Corona Virus, Corona Virus All Day Long

Corona virus, Corona virus, Corona virus all day long.
The world has a virus, tell everybody so long.
We're screwed!
We're screwed!
Virus virus virus. Blah blah blah.
Virus, virus, virus, virus, virus oh yeah.

Okay, I was quoting and doing a bit of a parody of an old dectalk song that my buddy Patrick from New York wrote years ago, but let's face it, the Corona Virus, is going to destroy us all! Okay, so let me explain. If you made it through my long entry I recently posted concerning what I've been up to since I last wrote in this thing since May of 2017, you may have noticed I was sounding uncertain of events in the current year, like would I ever get to visit friends in Virginia, or ever see a baseball game again, even just the World Series on TV. Well, at the moment, things are looking pretty grim. It all started back in late December of 2019, early January of this year, when an outbreak of a disease known as the Corona Virus, or COVID19, broke out in China. Apparently, it's transmitted by animals, and now that it's in humans, nobody knows how to stop it. The disease then spread to Italy, and it's now spread across the entire world, and it's currently baring down on us in the United States, and even up to the north of us in Canada. However, the scary thing about this virus, is because it's only in humans for the first time, doctors aren't sure how to cure it, and the incubation period for this virus is 2 weeks, which means, you'll have it for that long and not know you have it, as it takes 2 weeks for symptoms to appear.

To make matters worse, the media isn't helping, claiming everybody is going to die from this disease, and to help decrease the spread of this virus, everybody has been required to stay home, and gatherings of 10 or more people are not allowed. There's no sports of any kind on TV right now, nor are there any games going on that people can attend in person. The NBA, NHL, and other sporting teams that still have a couple of months to go have all ended their seasons early, and the Kentucky Derby has been canceled, as well as the Eurovision music competition. MLB has delayed their season's start date to mid May, and musicians have canceled concerts and tours. Broadway is dark, Disney Land and Disney World are closed, and no restaurant is allowed to seat people, only takeout and delivery is allowed. Bars are closed, as well as movie theaters, malls, and practically any place where crowds gather, and schools, some of them extended their spring breaks for a couple of weeks, while schools in the states of Kansas and California, are shutting down for the remainder of the school year, not reopening until next fall. Everybody has been advised to do the most cringeworthy phrase known to man, "Social distancing." Girr piss, I hate that phrase with a passion! And while this is all happening, I still hear traffic on the street out my window, and I went grocery shopping the other day, where the store was so packed, you'd think it was Christmas Eve or the day before Thanksgiving or something! And forget about going to Canada, the Canadian border has been closed to people from outside the country who aren't citizens, wishing to visit there.

Now, I understand why all of this lockdown and social distancing is happening, but I don't understand how it's going to slow down the spread of the virus. I mean, people already have it. It only takes one person going to the store, and unless they live by themselves, they could transmit it to their roommates and other family members, without even knowing it for a couple of weeks! Yeah sure, even if we wash our hands as instructed, and avoid hand shakes, the darn virus isn't even transmitted through the skin, one must cough on another to transmit it. And if we're suppose to be decreasing the crowds, then we should close grocery stores too, as surely that crowd I saw there the other day, was way more than 100 people, let alone 10. One of the stores in my area has given an hour dedicated for senior citizens to do their shopping, since they're one of the groups most severely effected by this virus, with a higher fatality rate, but again, what are the odds that somebody doesn't have this virus already?

How are kids going to do with 6 months of summer vacation? Sure, they might enjoy it, until next school year, when they're having trouble keeping up in class. What about kids who live in abusive homes, who can't get away to school where they felt safe? And the homeless, they have no place to go. With businesses closed, those people are going to lose money, even in the sports industry, nobody is getting paid. And then there are friends of mine who work for the IRS, who are still having to go to work, despite working in crowded buildings, nor are their jobs assential to stopping the spread of Corona virus. The only people who should be working right now, are the medical people at hospitals, the Police, Fire Department, and anybody who's going to make sure we're kept safe out of this virus's harm's way, assuming such a thing is possible.

There's no church, no nothing! And I've received so many emails from Uber, Spectrum, my electricity provider of Eversource, and other such things claiming that our services won't be disrupted, but that they're taking precautions as a result of the concerns over this virus. Hello people, we're not concerned over this virus, we're fearing it! We're so afraid it's going to kill us all, that we're stopping practically everything under the sun, as if practically nothing exists anymore. Sure, we have plenty of things to keep us entertained on the Internet, and there's things like Facetime and Teamtalk to talk to our friends, but my roommate is unable to get takeout from her favorite restaurant, Flavours of Malaysia, and Liberty Pizza, which can barely seat 6 people comfortably in the restaurant, and where most people opt to get their orders delivered or do carry out, has closed as well! Just, Girr piss! I hate this!

And while at this moment, I'm fine with the lockdown, because it's still very much winter where I am at the moment, only in the mid 30's to mid 40's today temperature wise, what's going to happen in a couple of months when the weather warms up? Will there be a baseball season? I have friends in Canada I want to visit, will I even get to go, or attempt going to visit them, even if I get in via help from my roommate, who has a passport? See previous entry and you'll better understand why I phrase it like that. And what about local events in Pittsfield? Will Third Thursday happen? Will there be a 4th. of July parade? And will there be concerts at Tanglewood? I'm worried that my summer is going to be ruined before it even has a chance to start, all because we're fearing a virus that has killed less than 10% of the total population in this entire country.

I did hear recently that China is finally getting things under control, and they're slowly getting back to normal, but even that took roughly 3 months to reach. Will it take us that long to get back to normal? I certainly hope by May, I'll see hope that my summer won't be as blah and boring as my winter was, but you bet, if there's no hope by then, I'll be back with another rant, possibly much uglier than what I'm posting here, but yeah, it's awful!

Due to all of these closings, my roommate and I celebrated my 40th. birthday early by treating ourselves to lunch from DoorDash on Tuesday, my roommate settled for something from Panera Bread since Flavours was closed, while I opted for lunch from McDonalds, getting a 20 piece chicken nuggets, a large French fry, a large Coke, and an apple pie for dessert, and boy, you bet I made sure to enjoy every last bite of that meal, because I'm pretty sure that's the last meal I'll be eating out, for a very long time. Luckily, we stocked up on over 2 weeks of groceries, so we're good there, but even the stores have been running out of stuff. Just yesterday, Celeste's mom found us a 12 pack of toilet paper, after not seeing toilet paper on the shelves for over a week!

And if this virus is so contageous and deadly, how come nobody I know has the virus yet? I'm hoping nobody I know does catch this virus, but how long will that be? In some respect, I'd like for somebody I know to catch it, just so I can really get a good idea what this virus entails, how severely ill they get, and how long it takes to get over the virus, or are they stuck with it forever. And I'm really really hoping, that come summer time, I'll be able to watch sports again, I'll be able to travel again, and just, be able to live life, without being reduced to what I have at home. Not that I don't have plenty to keep me entertained at home, I have most of the streaming platforms, as well as everything Spectrum has to offer, including the movie channels. I have plenty of music to listen to, and Internet radio shows aren't going anywhere. However, I can't get my Liberty Pizza, and I want my pizza and one of their good burgers and fries from down stairs dang it!

Yeah, can't you see I'm piss about this Corona virus thing? Well, I am, and I just want this stupid virus, to go the Hell away!

Anyway, that's all I'm going to say for now. Assuming I don't end up catching the Corona virus and end up dying from it, I'll come back to post another entry, someday. For now, as much as you may hate it, wash your hands and stay home, so we can hopefully, stop the spread of this virus, and I can watch baseball and go on adventures again.
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