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Monty KD6CAE's rants
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Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
2:36 pm
When will consumer internet providers offer good upload speeds!
Hello everyone. Remember to find out what's up with me check me out on twitter and/or facebook. This blog now serves as a rant platform, as it has in the past, and boy have I got one for you today. I'm wondering what it will take for consumer internet providers to offer their customers decent upload speeds, and when I say decent, I mean speeds of 10 megabits upstream or better. You may be asking yourself, why on Earth would anyone want that kind of upload, all people do is receive data, they rarely send anything. While it's true the majority of traffic on residential internet providers is downstream to the customer, there are times, when some customers may want at least the option of a decent upstream link to the internet. Here's my own perfect example.
My current internet connection is AT&T U-verse 6 megabits downstream, and just 1 megabit upstream. I have a collection of operating system .iso images I wish to back up off site to servers I use for offsite backup located in Los Angeles and Canada. Getting the files between the Los Angeles and the Canadian server isn't a problem, because the Los Angeles server is located at a data center so has very nice uplinks to the internet. But of course I must first get my files to the Los Angeles server. One of the 2 files I plan to back up is 2.26 gigabytes in size. If one were to download this file over my connection, it'd take slightly less than an hour to download from the internet. However to upload this file, it takes over 5 and a half hours! And if you had a faster downstream internet connection than I do, as many people do these days, you could download this file in as little as 30 minutes or even possibly less!
Internet providers have done a great job offering download speeds, but they have in my view been very lacking on upload offerings, even using existing technology where better upload can be offered. AT&T U-verse for example offers a top package of 24 megabits down and just 3 megabits up. This despite the fact that the DSL line itself is provisioned for 32 megabits download and 5 megabits upload. They insist on reserving the extra bandwidth for their TV offering, even if you only want internet on your line. Then there's the issue of line capability. In my case, my DSL line can support 35 megabits of download and 9.5 megabits of upload. However even if I wanted that speed, I could not request it, AT&T simply will not offer anything above their 24/3 internet offering. I would even be happy with say a temporary speed increase on upload, where you could get up to your full line capability for a short period of time, say 24 hours or whatever, to allow you to perform a large backup and not have to tie up your connection with that upload for hours on end!
To be fair, a few providers do offer good upload, but I do mean a few. Most notably of course is Verizon FIOS, but sadly I don't live in a Verizon FIOS area, nor is it likely that I will anytime soon, especially given that Verizon at least for now has halted their build out of the FIOS network. In my hometown of Lancaster, FIOS availability is a tease at best. I only know of 1, possibly 2 neighborhoods in Lancaster where you can obtain FIOS service. For those lucky enough to have FIOS service though, it can't be beat. For the same price I pay for AT&T 6/1 internet, FIOS users can get 25 megabits both download and upload, and even faster offerings exist, and are quite well priced. I'd literally do almost anything to live in a FIOS serviced area.
Other providers that offer good upload include Comcast and Optimum online, but I don't live anywhere near where they service. Back to my own current setup, since my line is capable of over 9 megabits upload, why doesn't AT&T offer an option of say a symettrical 6/6 package, something the line could for sure do without issue? At least in that case, the network would be symmetrical. I could upload my previously mentioned backup file in a bit less than an hour, just as I'd be able to download it in a bit less than an hour. Why home internet connections are so asymmetrical in this day in age when some users want to send as well as receive content is beyond me! I have had the chance to connect to a 100 megabits per second symmetrical network. My local college has such a network, and let's just say when I started the backup of the first of my 2 files today, I wanted to find a way to access their network because on their network I could upload all 5.23 gigs of my backup in something like 10 minutes or so! Since it seems so hard for internet providers to even be willing to offer any kind of symmetrical connection for consumers, I can't help but wonder what is the monthly cost for the college's 100 megabit internet connection. I hope that one day, consumers will get decent upstream speeds, just as we were able to be graced with always on broadband in the first place back in the late 20th century.
It's amazing to look back really. In August 2001, when I first got broadband, I had 768kbps download and just 128kbps upload. Later in 2002, I had 1.5mbps down and 384kbps up. In 2004, I had up to 4 megabits download and 512kbps up. I also had a symmetrical DSL connection of 768kbps. Yes even back then I went for the upload where possible. Now a consumer living in my area can get 50 megabits downstream, a crazy increase from 10 years ago, but just 5 megabits for the top upload speed.
5 megabits is a good start, but more can and should be offered to those wanting it. At the very least, if residential internet providers don't want to offer symmetrical speeds to their users, there should be a web site or database where a user wanting to make use of a fast upload pipe can check to see where in their area fast upstream links to the internet are available. I mean I'd think there'd be a market for those wanting a fast upload connection for say a couple hours or whatever. I'd pay someone to be able to use their FIOS connection or the like whenever I want to upload a large batch of data and don't want to tie up my connection for hours. It's hard to find places that have good upload connectivity, but I have seen a few. When I attended a convention in Phoenix, AZ in 2010, I had the chance to access the Sheraton hotel network for meeting rooms as I was helping with streaming of the convention. This network offered speeds close to 20 megabits on upload! Also the Los Angeles county library branch in Lancaster I believe has a good upload pipe, as does the city of Bakersfield network. Besides the local Antelope valley college campus, I'm not sure where else good upload can be found, hence why having a database would be useful.
I hope all has a good day, and hope one day in the next decade, consumers can see decent upload speeds for sending data..

Current Mood: annoyed
Wednesday, January 4th, 2012
1:15 pm
welcome to 2012, I do still exist folks
Hello all and welcome to 2012, which I'm hoping will overall be a better year than 2011 was for me. In 4 days, it will have been a year since I last posted here. This is because most of my writings are on facebook and twitter these days, and with me having access to the iPhone, even my rants are either audio or video postings. That said, I figured I would come back to my long running blog, which this April will be 8 years old already, and give you a bit of an update as to what's been going on with me. Back in February 2011, I left Lee and Veronica's place in Bakersfield, and moved with my sister, where I was most of the year until September 17. During that time, lots of things happened. In April, I took my first ever amtrak long duration train trip up to Fremont from bakersfield to visit my friend Morgan in that area. She was sick a fair bit of the time, so we didn't get to do what we'd planned, but we had a good 24 hour visit. In June, I spent Field day at the Bakersfield radio club w6LIE site. However in late June, the unthinkable happened. My iPhone 3GS, which I had since August 2010, was stolen! I was quickly able to replace it with an iPhone 4, as I was able to get an early upgrade discount. My iPhone 4 worked well, and it even went with me to Reno, NV in July, when I attended my third ACB national convention. However in late August, on August 22 to be exact, my laptop, which was just over a year old and still worked perfectly, fell victum to a break in that we had and was stolen along with my sister's TV! Yeah overall other than my Reno trip, and getting to see my friend Jeremy from high school in August, my summer wasn't all that great. I'm now back in Palmdale, with 2011 having ended on a good note, with me getting an iPhone 4S as a christmas present on the sprint network. I'm hoping 2012 will be a good year for me. I'm also going to try and take college classes either in spring or fall, whichever I can get into. So everyone take care, and I hope your 2012 is a good one.

Current Mood: calm
Monday, January 10th, 2011
10:29 am
Tragic events this weekend
If you've at all been following the news, then you'll know that on Saturday, January 8, a mentally ill crazy idiot decided to go on a shooting rampage at a congresswoman's event in Tucson, AZ, resulting in the killing of several people, including a 9-year-old girl who had just been elected to her student council and was at the event to learn more about how government worked! The intended target of this shooting was the congresswoman herself. Last I heard, they were optomistic that she would pull through, but it's sad that this event even had to occur! I wish the best for the victims and their families and for the congresswoman who all got caught in the middle of this mess. Well Saturday night a friend of mine from Palmdale came up here to Bakersfield and hung out with me, and though things aren't set in stone just yet, there's a chance I could end up moving back to Palmdale, which wouldn't be too bad. I just hope I can make it through this month financially, because due to me having to cover entire cost of groceries and having to take cabs various places, I'm a bit stressed, as funds are way lower than I'd like for this time of the month. I hope I can soon start to save money again though, as I want to attend the Reno ACB convention this summer.
Wish me luck. Our weather has been cool but dry the last few days, our current temperature is in the low 40's, burrr! Did I mention I want spring to get here yesterday? everyone stay warm and stay safe.
Friday, December 31st, 2010
2:38 pm
Another year gone by already? Where did 2010 go?
We did it. We've made it through yet another year. You know what this means. It's time to do my brief year in review, where I look back at some of the highlights of 2010 for me.
Without question, at the top of the list would be the road trip my roommates and I took to Phoenix for the ACB 49th national convention in July. During that week, as expected, I had loads and lots of fun, and met many cool friends which I hope to perhaps get to meet again if I get to go to the 2011 convention which will be in Reno, NV. During the months of May and June, I made several trips down to the Junior Blind of America campus in West Los Angeles, where I visited a friend who was attending the facility. I hadn't been on that campus since I was a student there back in 1998-1999!
I also in 2010 re-gained contact with an old friend from elementary school, who I actually got to meet in person just last week, as she is visiting out here from Florida.
Between that and connecting with my friend Veronica for the first time in 11 years, this was a good year for reconnecting with long lost friends.
Unfortunately, wildfires did their damage once again this year, as a fire that burned near the community of Acton, did take out an LA County radio communications site which housed among other things, a GMRS repeater that covered the area nicely.
In October, 33 minors were rescued in Chile after being trapped in the mine they worked at for 69 days following a collapse. It was truly a miracle that all 33 were able to survive and come out alive.
In August, I moved from Lancaster, where I'd been for over 1.5 years, to Bakersfield where I am still at today. My old roomates did move to Oregon, but decided after Thanksgiving they didn't like it there and are now back down in Palmdale. I am in fact visiting them over this New Year's holiday.
In April of this year, a giant earthquake centered near Colexico, rattled nerves and did cause some damage in it's area, and was felt for some distance. This quake was a 7.4 if I recall correctly.
The final event I will bring up, is the incredible amount of rain we have had here in the month of December. From December 17, to December 23, we had almost solid rainfall with some areas receiving over 7 inches of rain during that week! I'm not sure if I have ever seen quite that much rain over such a short period of time, but it was sure nice to see the sun after all that! It'll be interesting to see what the rest of this winter brings us. I do believe it was sometime in January or early February, that we saw the lowest barometer readings in over 20 years. The pressure in Lancaster dropped to 29.07, a reading I thought I would never see! So the weather is certainly newsworthy at times. So as we prepare to bring in 2011, may you have a safe New Year and I hope 2011 has some exciting moments for me and everyone.
Thursday, December 30th, 2010
5:38 pm
Welcome to New Year's eve eve, it's cold!
Yesterday I took a trip down to Covina to visit a new friend and had a good day. This despite the fact that it was again raining and windy much of the day, and once the storm passed, it was just plane cold! Low's this morning dipped to 25 degrees, and tonight promises to be cold as well! It is already a cold 36 degrees here in Palmdale!
So between the rain of last week and the cold and rainy bits of weather this week so far, all I gotta say is do try and keep warm as we prepare to end this year. I am still amazed that tomorrow we will have come to the end of yet another year that seems like it has just begun.
Everyone stay warm and dry and safe out there.
Thursday, December 23rd, 2010
11:36 am
An awesome evening last night visiting with an old friend and meeting a new one
Yesterday's plans to meet my old friend Kimber went very well. After first going to the mall to get a bite to eat, I went to meet up with Kimber and we went to a local Italian restaurant and had a delicious dinner. Kimber's friend Krissie from the central coast also came down to visit Kimber so I got to become friends with her as well. We didn't hang out as long as I wanted to, but I am hoping we get the chance to hang out again before they both head back home. On the weather front. would you believe it is not raining! I know it's a miracle! The rain finally let up last night just in time for Kimber and I to meet each other. A great time was had by all, and I even wanted to try and spend the night, however I guess Kimber's parents have the whole family around so I can't be with them. I wil enjoy this break from the rain though for sure.
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010
1:56 pm
Heaviest rain yet now entering our area
As our rainy weather drags on for a 5th straight day, I am amazed at the rain totals many areas have received since Friday, December 17 when all this weather began.
Los Angeles has received over 6.7 inches of rain and more is hitting the area today with possible thunderstorms in some areas.
Temperatures across the area are in the upper 40's to mid 50's. So if you live in Socal, we're almost done with this mess at least for a couple days, so stay dry today and tonight.
More rain is expected just after christmas, but at least for a little bit we will get a break from this pattern. Tonight I am hoping to visit with a friend I haven't seen in 11 years! I hope that visit goes well.
Saturday, December 18th, 2010
4:02 pm
Interesting Christmas light show in Quartz Hill
Last night, upon safely arriving in Lancaster, I was picked up after a bit of a wait, and we went to check out this light show in Quartz Hill. This particular light show is rather unique. It is called Quartz Hill Christmas, and is a light show that synchronizes with music which is broadcasting in the local neighborhood where the light show originates. Obviously I couldn't see the lights,but the music was a variety of Christmas classics including Faith Hill's Where are you Christmas, to name just one tune. The light show that goes with the music must be cool though. The web site for the show indicates that the display won't operate during or immediately after periods of bad weather such as heavy rain or snow. We aren't getting any rain that's too heavy yet, but we may, as we remain in a cool and rainy weather pattern. It's currently 52 degrees here, burrrr.
Friday, December 17th, 2010
12:32 pm
cooler rainier weather and my holiday adventure begins
After having very nice dry weather the last week or so, it's turned cool and rainy, and will remain in this pattern until at least around Christmas. Today within a matter of minutes, I am hoping to begin my holiday adventure. This will involve me taking a trip to my home town of Lancaster where I hope to visit with old and current friends there between this evening and the beginning of the year. Of course all this requires me to actually get to and board the East Kern Express bus to Lancaster which leaves in about an hour! Can I make it? We shall see. Wish me luck. I've never ridden this particular bus before, but it's the cheapest way to get to Lancaster at just 5 dollars!
Speaking of cool and wet weather, it was on this day December 17, 2008, that the Antelope valley got snowed in for about a day as a rare blast of cold snowy weather came through the area dumping about 7-12 inches of snow throughout much of the valley, both the foothills and the valley floor! It was quite a rare treat that's for sure. Well I'd better get going, so chat soon.
Monday, December 13th, 2010
9:02 pm
crazy winter weather in the midwest of this country
While we here on the West coast in California have been mostly dry for the past week, with fairly nice temperatures ranging from the mid 60's to lower 70's in this area, to 85 degrees in downtown LA, the midwest over the weekend experienced over 2 feet of snow. To go along with that some very cool temperatures came in behind the storm once it passed. The snow storm hit the Minneapolis area with so much snow that the roof of the metro dome collapsed under the weight of over 2 feet of snow! That's just crazy weather right there. On top of all that though, the low temperature this morning in Minneapolis, MN was a cold 5 degrees below zero!
All I gotta say is, I'm glad I'm not there! Our weather will actually be cooling off again with a chance of rain by Wednesday, December 15. I've enjoyed our bit of nice decent weather though. Even Florida is experiencing some cold weather for them, with freeze warnings in some areas down there. I guess if you really want to warm up, now's the time to go to Australia. In other news, space shuttle Discovery's next chance to launch will be no earlier than February 3, 2011. We'll just have to wait and see if it launches then. A tanking test will be performed later this week to see if repairs to the tank have fixed the issues.
With that, everyone stay warm if at all possible.
Monday, December 6th, 2010
9:30 am
Rain last night, and no space shuttle launch in 2010
On this cool December morning, I thought I'd write a short little entry. Yesterday we had a little bit of rain which was nice to see. Our current temperature is 55 degrees, and it's in the 40's down in Lancaster.
Not too much has been going on. I played Uno with a friend who came by for a bit on Friday night, December 3. We did have some cool mornings a while back where temperatures dipped in to the 30's here, and to the low 20's in the Antelope Valley, burrhrhrr. I want my warm weather back. Well guess what folks, because of all the tests and repairs and such that need to occur on the external tank for space shuttle Discovery, there now won't be a launch attempt until no earlier than February 3, 2011! That's an over 3 month delay from the original launch date! This puts the launch of the final space shuttle flight STS-134 in April instead of February. My question is with all these external tank issues, how did this all go unnoticed. How is it that we've had more problems with tank related issues then ever before? I guess the tanks truly are getting wear and tear after 30 years of being put together? It's just very interesting. We shall see if a launch occurs in February or not. The other news item since November 28, has been the web site wikileaks.org that has come under attack in many ways following the publication of over 250,000 cables that were classified as I understand it. The U.S. government wants to take the site completely offline. They are treating the founder of the site as though he's a terrorist or something. I'm not sure what to think. It's not like the codes to our nuclear mistles were published so what's the big deal. We should know what our government is up to, especially when they're trying to ensure noone gets any money and we remain in this horrible economic state. I'm not much in to politics but I say leave the guy alone!
Wikileaks can now be reached at http://wikileaks.ch with many mirrors no doubt coming online. Once information is out there on the internet, if folks want it to remain available they'll find a way to keep it available. The government and entertainment industry both think by shutting down one site or two, the information that the site contained will magicly disappear never to return to the internet at all, and that's just not how it works! And with that, I hope everyone has a great day.
Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
6:23 pm
cold weather, and yet more delays for STS-133 launch
The weather between last week and now is quite different. Last Thursday, November 18, was nice and spring like with temperatures in the mid to upper 70's here. But now, we're seeing much colder weather as highs reached only in to the upper 40's! Low's have been pretty chilly as well dipping well in to the 30's at night. Burhrhrhrhrr! And winter isn't even here yet. Heck yes I'm wanting spring to get here.
I want to wish everyone in the US a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I attempted to make plans for Thanksgiving, but they didn't quite work, so I'll be home watching TV instead of hanging with friends or family. It's not like I haven't done that before in previous years though, lol.
I'm now very much wondering if STS-133 will ever get off the ground, or even if the crew will even get the chance to board space shuttle Discovery even once for the STS-133 flight. This as today another delay in launching was anounced, so that the next attempt to launch STS-133 will now not occur until no earlier than December 17 at about 8 PM Eastern time.
I don't think I have ever seen so many delays for one shuttle mission before even 1 launch attempt or crew boarding has occured. Even STS-127 with all of it's delays got at least a little further than this launch has so far.
I will update you when the next delay is announced, (I mean I'll update you when the launch actually happens.)
So stay warm, and be safe and eat good this Thanksgiving.
Thursday, November 11th, 2010
12:43 pm
weather remains cool, and no shuttle launch until November 30 now
On this Veteran's day, it's quite cool, with our temperature right now at just 60 degrees. It's been cool throughout the country, and even Florida has cooled off considerably from it's fairly constant 80 plus degree weather it had since around May or so. A couple nights back, our low temperatures dipped in to the mid 40's here in Bakersfield. Winter is surely in the air already, burrr. As I often say this time of year, I cannot wait until spring of next year!
Space shuttle Discovery remains on the ground today, as the attempt to launch back on November 5 was scrubbed when a problem identical to that which delayed 2 space shuttle flights last year cropped up. A hydrogen gas leak was detected in the ground carrier plate or GUCP as it is known, while the external fuel tank was being fueled. This very same issue caused delays on missions STS-119 in March 2009, and again on mission STS-127 in June 2009. You'll recall that STS-127 was the mission which I finally got to see the launch of in person.
Let's hope this mission doesn't take 6 attempts to launch though. The next launch attempt is now targeted for no earlier than November 30, at 4:02 AM Eastern Time. An interesting thing to note, if anything good comes out of this delay for those of us who enjoy watching space shuttle launches, it's that STS-133 will now have a chance at launching at night, meaning that STS-130, which was the last scheduled night shuttle launch, will not end up being the last night launch of a space shuttle ever. I wonder though, if any of the few remaining shuttle flights will land at Edwards.
We shall see for sure about all that. I wonder where this year has gone. We are just 2 weeks from Thanksgiving here in the United States, just wow.
Everyone take care.
Thursday, November 4th, 2010
11:07 pm
I can't tell what season it is anymore, and shuttle may launch tomorrow
Here in Bakersfield the last couple days, it's been real nice, following some cool days that even included some rain. However now it's almost summer like and in some areas, it is summer once again. Downtown LA today and yesterday reached the mid 90's for a high, and today, San Diego reached an incredible 100 degrees! That is just nuts! It appears mother nature cannot make up it's mind what season it wants to offer to us, lol. Here in Bakersfield, we've reached the low 80's, and it's been rather pleasant. Some cooling is expected by the weekend though.
Space shuttle Discovery, which was to have launched on space shuttle mission STS-133 back on November 1, is still on the ground in Florida. This is due to a main engine controller system that had an electrical issue that needed to be fixed. This work has been completed, however a launch attempt today was not possible because of rainy weather at the cape. The first launch attempt may possibly occur tomorrow, with a 60 percent chance of acceptable weather at launch. NASA has until November 7 to launch Discovery, or it won't be able to make another attempt to get to the space station until early December. Will they be able to do it? We shall soon see.
Friday, October 29th, 2010
3:50 pm
Weather warming up a tad, and space shuttle launch moved to November 2
We're enjoying a bit of a break from the rainy and cool weather we've had in the past week, as yesterday we hit 82 degrees for a high, and right now we're at 81 today. Though I do believe we will begin to cool down by Halloween and in to next week. So I'd say enjoy this nice short bit of warm weather. The launch of space shuttle Discovery on shuttle mission STS-133 which had been targeted for November 1, at 4:40 PM Eastern time, has been delayed for at least 24 hours while engineers investigate some leaks that were found. So the new targeted launch date is now Tuesday, November 2, at 4:17 PM Eastern time. Let's hope this flight is able to launch on it's first attempt.
Friday, October 22nd, 2010
5:36 pm
Nice and calm outside, and 19 years since I became a ham, incredible!
The first part of this week was quite cool and rainy. Temperatures barely made it to the mid and upper 60's some days, and we did get a bit of rain throughout the week until about Wednesday. Now however, we are calm and dry, and our temperatures have warmed up just slightly. It hit the low 70's this afternoon. I do believe it is now fall as far as the weather is concerned. My roommate Veronica is down in Victorville visiting her friend Katrina. She went down on Tuesday, October 19, and won't be back here in town until around the first of November since she'll be visiting her Mom and family for Halloween.
Today marked a historic day as one of the astronauts on board the international space station as part of expidition 25, used the 4square site to check in from the international space station.
And speaking of historic events, it was on this day, 19 years ago, on October 22, 1991, when my amateur radio license, holding the station callsign of KD6CAE was issued to me. Of course I wouldn't actually get on the air until 4 days later, when I received the physical license in the mail. There was no public internet to go online and allow you to check to see if your license had been issued to you back then, so I waited 6 weeks in total from the day I passed my test, until the day I actually got on the air. Thanks to amateur radio, I've become interested in many things, including hiking to the top of tall mountains.
It's hard to believe that next year I'll have to renew my license for the second time already! Just amazing how fast time has gone by.
I hope everyone has a good weekend, and chat with everyone in my next entry.
Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
6:39 pm
I just watched amazing successful rescue in Chile, just wow!
Back on August 5, a mine in Chile collapsed with 33 minors still inside. For 17 days, they were on their own, and many people assumed they were all dead. However all were still alive! And thanks to an incredible shift supervisor who kept them sane and kept everyone safe, they were able to all be rescued. Odds were maybe they could be rescued by Christmas, and if even one minor came out alive, it'd be a miracle!
However thanks to help from 12 different nations, and a whole ton of dedication to their work, workers were able to drill through a half mile of rock down to where the minors were trapped, and beginning last night at 11:11 PM Eastern time, the first of the 33 minors were successfully rescued. They were trapped 2,041 feet below the surface for a total of 69 days. But as of just a few minutes ago, every last one of the 33 minors has been rescued and all are alive and well! Now talk about a miracle, that for sure was one. No doubt you've heard about mine collapses before, and almost always, the minors end up dead. This very carefully planned rescue shows what can be done if there is dedication to something, such as saving these minors lives! I am happy to have been able to see this historic mine rescue take place.
Let's hope an event like this doesn't have to happen again, but I'm sure glad this one ended successfully.
More closer to home, our weather has warmed up a bit. Temperatures here were in the low 90's, and Palm Springs was at 100 today. I believe we will be cooling off, but still we've had some nice days of late.
Everyone take care, and stay safe.
Sunday, October 10th, 2010
9:45 pm
Warmer weather after a cool week
After a fairly cool week with temperatures getting down to the upper 50's at night and on some days barely getting in to the upper 60's for highs, we're warming up again. Today we hit the mid 80's, while Los Angeles was around 91 degrees. So a bit warmer weather in store for us. The AT&T U-verse VDSL internet connection here continues to work solidly with upstream speeds at a solid 2.8 megabits per second or about 360 kilobytes/sec, and download speeds breaking the 22 megabit barrier, reaching transfer rates of around 2.7 megabytes per second! I'm still trying to work on getting my folder I want to share on my windows 7 box to be accessible by a windows XP computer on the network. So far I've had no luck doing this. I can get as far as seeing the folder in the list of shares, but trying to go in to it results in a permission denied error and won't let me access it. The windows 7 laptop I have let's me access the folder if I connect using my account user name and password I set up on the windows 7 desktop, but the xp computer doesn't give me the option to connect that way. It should not be this hard to hsare files between an xp and a windows 7 pc!
I've set the folder up the way I'd think it should be set up, so don't know what I'm missing here. I'll let you all know if I figure this out, exactly what I did.
For those who use the Qwitter-client application for easy access to twitter and other services with screen readers for the blind, a new version was just released today. Qwitter 4.5 now allows for audio tweets to be posted, as well as a google voice session which can kind of work at present. I need to play with it more. But it's a pretty big upgrade, and one thing I had to do this time around that I don't recall having to do before, was run the installer as an administrator. Failure to do this results in qwitter installing fine, but when you launch it, it gives an error saying that the log file can't be opened, permission denied. I've got it working now though, so I'm playing with it.
That's about all of the happenings from here at this time, so 73 for now.
Wednesday, October 6th, 2010
10:31 pm
frustrations getting windows 7 desktop to share files on the network with everyone
On this cool and rainy day, I got my desktop connected to our network here in a temporary fashion until I can get someone over here to help run my ethernet cable to the router. I've taken the ethernet cable from the U-verse settop box in my room, which is not being used for the moment, and connected the cable to my desktop instead. Now that my desktop is on the network, I wanted to share select folders that weren't part of the windows 7 public folders, with a computer on the network that happens to be a windows XP system. No big deal I thought. Boy was I wrong! I've spent much of today trying to get even my laptop which is windows 7 to see the files on the network share of my desktop.
No matter what I tried, or what folder permissions I set, the computer's refused to access any of the folders I attempted to share. I could see the list of shares on the desktop when I accessed it, however I could not access anything but the public folders. So I turned on password protected file sharing and gave my account a password, thinking that may somehow help. Well that didn't seem to work either so I turned off password protected file sharing, and ran a test on Veronica's computer which is the windows XP computer. It accessed the list of shares, but again claimed permission wasn't there to grant access to any of the folders, except for public of course.
When I went back to my laptop however, and tried to access the desktop network shares, I was prompted for my password! Keep in mind I had turned off password protected file sharing. So, just for grinns, I put my user name and password I use now on the desktop machine, and now suddenly I could see my whole desktop from my laptop! Not only could I see the public area, but I could also see and access all files I'd be able to access on the desktop itself! Of course I still can't see these files on the XP machine, so not exactly sure what's going on here! In windows XP, setting up a windows file share on the local network isn't hard at all, and I've done it numerous times. But goodness I can't believe getting windows 7 to share files with both windows 7 and XP computers in the same way as XP and earlier machines can share files with each other, can be so hard to do!
I still haven't been able to do it, though so far it seems that adding a password to my user account on the windows 7 desktop now allows me to log on to the file shares with that info from the windows 7 laptop and see everything I want to see with no problem.
But now how do I get the windows XP machine to see the shares I want it to see from the windows 7 desktop?
Or to put it another way, how do I configure windows 7's confusing file sharing setup to allow desired folders and files to be accessed by computers running windows XP?
Basically, I want to share a folder and its subfolders with my fellow friend and roomate Veronica, who has a windows XP computer, but I don't feel it should be necessary for me to put that folder which is over 40GB in size, in to the public folder just so she can see it!
I should be able to share the folder directly just as I could do from windows XP and earlier versions of windows, even back to windows 98! So if anyone can tell me what the heck I'm missing here, I'd be greatful.
I shall now go back to trying to figure this crazy thing out. It's times like this when I can see why many folks still use windows XP.

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Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
12:08 pm
Burrr it's cold, oh how the weather can change!
I will say this, when the weather wants to change, it does it in a hurry, and let's us know it! The current temperature here in Bakersfield right now is just 66 degrees!
Our high yesterday only got in to the low 70's! We'll be this way through at least tomorrow, so we're truly getting a sneak peak at the cooler weather that is coming.
I'll just say I want spring and summer 2011 to get here already. Yesterday, the folks on the Calnet repeater system that maintain it went to the Breckenridge Mountain site to replace a failed power supply that failed a couple months back, so that repeater is working well again, yay!
Other than that, I'm just setteling in here at my friend Veronica's place, my desktop not yet connected to the network, as I'm awaiting someone to help run some ethernet cable to where the router is. I discovered yesterday that the battery for my Nokia 2610 GoPhone from At&T that I have as a backup phone has somehow gone missing, though I haven't yet figured out why or where it might be.
Other than that, things are going OK for the moment.

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