Wanting to Obtain windows 7 volume license keys

For most people, when they purchase a new PC, it comes with windows pre-installed, and they don't usually care what kind of product key they have or how many activations it allows for. However, folks like me, are interested in this sort of thing. Retail product keys for windows products such as windows 7 are most common and fairly easy to purchase from any number of places. The trouble with retail product keys, is there is no way to keep track of how many activations the keys have on them. Microsoft's license agreement states that only 1 key may be used per computer. This would mean that each key should only be able to be activated once. However what happens if you modify hardware enough to cause windows to need to be activated again, as sometimes may happen? Obviously you aren't going to buy a second copy of windows just because you changed your hardware on your PC, and Microsoft no doubt realizes this, and so allows for a limitted number of activations per key. What that limitted number is however, noone knows, since microsoft doesn't allow for any way for owners of retail licenses to check this information. Folks lucky enough to have volume licenses though can check this information whenever they wish. Businesses and organizations can purchase what are known as volume licenses, and if a key known as a multiple activation key is what the business purchased, then it has a set number of activations for the product key they purchased. So for example, if an organization has 20 computers, then their multiple activation key (MAK) will have 20 activations available on it. So in other words, one MAK can be installed on all 20 of the organizations computers. If I was in charge of this organizations tech department, I'd much rather use 1 key on 20 machines then have to have 20 keys 1 per computer, as would be the case if I used retail keys. If I however only install the 20 user MAK key on 12 of the organizations 20 machines, I can use a tool Microsoft provides called volume activation management tool, and add the key to it, then query microsoft, and it will tell me that I have 8 activations remaining on that key. I can then do more windows activations on other computers at a later time, knowing I have the 8 activations available.
This is not possible with retail keys at all. And this is why I'd love to obtain volume MAK keys for windows 7 professional while I still can, if there's any way I can. Windows 8 is being made available to everyone in just a week, and though I've been playing with it for some time now, I'm not so impressed with it that I'd tell my friends to ditch windows 7. Windows 7 is quite solid and stable, but once windows 8 is publicly released next week, it'll no doubt become harder to purchase windows 7 in any form, retail or volume I'd expect.
I do have a tiny bit of experience with volume MAK license keys for windows 7. As a student at my local area college, we do get access to Microsoft's dream spark program, formerly known as MSDNAA, which gives student's and teachers access to a variety of microsoft software. Much of it is retail licenses, but at least in the case of windows 7, each account holder is given access to 1 copy of windows 7 professional who's product key is a MAK product key with 5 activations available on it. Strangely however, the multiple activation key for windows server 2008R2 that I get with dream spark, only allows for just 1 activation! I'm not quite sure why the key doesn't have at least 2 activations on it, but that's how it goes. Back when I had technet back in 2010 the keys I got for server 2008R2 allowed for an incredible 500 activations. Since I have yet to use even one of these, I will probably use my technet key to activate server 2008R2 next semester when I take a server 2008R2 admin class, rather than the key I got from dream spark, since I get just 1 activation on the dream spark key, and my technet key gives me 500, way way more than I'll ever need.
I've never had volume licenses for windows 7 professional other than the 1 from dream spark, because my access to technet was retail and I was not authorized to get volume license products except server products. There is a level of technet subscription that allows for volume license products, but I have no clue how to get that. As I said I'd be interested in purchasing even a single volume license for windows 7 professional so that in case my computer needs re-installation, or a friend needs to re-install windows, I can help them do it, knowing that I have activations available, not needing to wonder if activation will work or not. If anyone knows how I can legally obtain a volume license for windows 7 professional, I would be interested to know. I would want a license for not more than 10 computers. If there's a way I can purchase a technet subscription or MSDN even, that allows for volume license products to be retrieved, that'd work to.

Is a microsoft technet subscription still worth having?

Hi all. Today I want to discuss microsoft Technet and whether it's still worth having, given changes that microsoft has made to the program in recent times. Back in June of 2010, I purchased a technet subscription from microsoft for $199 plus tax. This was called technet standard. This level of technet subscription had just been released, and offered pretty much every variety of desktop product from windows to office and more. You didn't get access to things like windows 7 enterprise, but that was OK, my main interest was in checking out the latest version of office and windows 7 for home use. When I first heard about technet a while before I purchased my subscription, there was hardly any difference between the then $349 technet subscription, which was the only one you could get, and the much more expensive MSDN subscriptions that microsoft offered for developers. The differences were mainly in the license terms, and at the time, in fact technet seemed like the better deal, giving you way more for way less. It was almost as though microsoft wanted to sucker you into a technet subscription. You'll see what I mean a bit later. At the time, both MSDN and technet allowed you to retrieve 10 product keys per product, which seemed perfectly reasonable, since the idea is that you as an IT professional would want to test microsoft software on more than one hardware configuration. So knowing this info, and knowing that microsoft had just released technet standard, I gladly purchased my subscription on June 14, 2010. All was fine until around September 15 or so, just 3 months later. At that time, I logged into my technet product keys area to retrieve a key, only to discover that I no longer could retrieve any additional keys for the product, despite me only having retrieved just 2 of what should've been 10 keys! Without warning, the number of keys that could be obtained per product was cut by 80 percent from 10 to just 2! This happened without warning. Now keep in mind, I had always assumed based on what I had read, that one product key could be activated on one computer at a time, so if I wanted to say test windows 7 on 3 computers, I would need 3 of my 10 product keys for that product. I was fine with this logic. But when I saw that products had been reduced to just 2 keys, myself and alot of other subscribers were furious and we flocked to the technet forums for some answers. It was there that I discovered in fact, that each key could be activated more than once, though noone could say for sure just how many times each individual license key could be activated for a product.
This brings up another point. Retail keys for microsoft products, which are most common for windows and office products, do not have a way to check to see how many activations remain for that key, or even how many have been used. On the other hand, if you have a volume license key, for example if you are a business, or have a technet subscription which offers volume license keys, you can see how many activations you have remaining by using a tool from microsoft called the volume activation management tool or VAMT. If you put a retail key into this tool though, for activations remaining, it always will say unavailable. With many users having multiple devices that they may wish to test on, it'd be nice to know how many activations we are entitled to per key. All microsoft will ever say is 1 key per device is allowed, but clearly even retail keys have more than 1 activation allowed for a key, so why not give retail key holders the same info you do for your volume license holders?
Even though I'm only an individual, I have lately wondered what I could do to legally obtain a volume license for windows 7 professional. I have access to Dreamspark, formerly known as MSDNAA thanks to my college, and through that, the windows 7 key I get is a volume license for windows 7 professional. It is a 5 activation MAK or multiple activation key. So at least when I install and activate that key, I know how many I started with, and can check and verify how many activations I have left. But my retail copy of windows 7 home premium? I can't do that! And speaking of home premium, let's go back to technet now. Just this past July, microsoft made even more crazy changes to technet, which I only found out about recently when reading an article about windows 8. Basically as I understand it, they've taken away all consumer editions of products from the technet lineup. This means, that if you want to get windows 7 starter, home basic, or home premium, for example, you ain't gonna be doing that anymore! Want windows XP home to see if that old computer you have still has life? Forget about getting that via technet. So now the only way to get the complete lineup of consumer and business level products from microsoft, is to get an MSDN subscription, the basic operating system one costs I believe around $700! And I have no clue what the product key limits are on technet or MSDN anymore. To me it doesn't seem like technet has any value to it anymore, despite microsoft claiming these changes are being made to maintain the value of the subscription! If microsoft never wanted consumer products in the technet lineup, why were they ever offered? If microsoft never wanted technet users to have access to 10 keys, why didn't they just give them 2 from the start? Many users, myself included, expected 10 keys, then without warning, our keys were pulled from us. and now that products are even being taken away from technet, is there still value in a technet subscription? I'd be particularly interested to hear from technet subscribers. What makes a technet subscription worth having still? And I still would love to know how I can obtain a 5 or 10 user volume license of windows 7 professional legally, so I can install that on my devices, and know exactly how many activations I have left. Thoughts and comments most welcome on this.

Magicjack saga update: There may be hope yet!

Here's the latest on my magicjack saga discussed in detail in the previous entry. After getting nowhere with online support, I emailed dan at magicjack.com which is the address for magicjack's CEO. This address is monitored by a few people I'm assuming. I gave a detailed description of what my issue was, and after a few go arounds back and forth, I was finally informed that my new iPhone, that is the one I have now, originally registered with magicjack back on January 2, 2012. I also was finally told that it was registered using my gmail address, an account I didn't think I had been using on this phone. I guess because it'd been so long since I registered it, I'd forgotten that I'd set it up with my gmail address and not the old inactive email I thought I'd been using. so what it boils down to is that I mistakenly placed the order for my US phone number, using an account that was on my old iPhone 4, not realizing this of course. A magicjack account can only have 1 device associated with each magicjack app. So I have requested a refund of my original purchase and they tell me I should see it within 3 to 5 business days. Assuming this happens, I can then proceed to re-order a phone number under the existing gmail magicjack account. This actually works out fine, since this is a working email address that won't be going anywhere anytime soon. I'm still not happy that magicjack gives users so little control over their accounts, and you cannot clearly know which device you have on your account, nor can you remove or add a new device. It would also be nice if you could see when your subscription became active, rather than having to email several times to get this info. By the way, the iPhone 4 account which was the account I first ever used the magicjack app on, registered in October 2011. And yes, I do once again have the magicjack app working on my iPhone 4S, obviously using the propper account, using the free magicjack service as it always has been doing. I'll attempt to attach a US phone number to it once my refund comes through.

Magicjack, the worst VOIP phone provider out there!

Good day all. I am very pissed right now at magicjack, the well-known VOIP phone provider that you always see on TV offering the cheapest rates around, like $20/year for a US phone number.
Let me explain my issue. Some time ago, I decided to try out Magicjack's iPhone app. Overall I was amazed how reliable and solid phone calls were, given it was a free service. I had for a while considered adding a US phone number to my magicjack account, since it is only $20 for the whole year. Yesterday evening, I finally purchased the number. After purchasing it, I made a phone call to see if my new number would show up on my friends caller ID. It did not, nor did it show up in the MJ application. So I figured maybe I needed to log out and log back in again. The only way I knew of to do this was to click the forget me on this device button and then re-connect, no big deal, so I thought. Boy was I dead wrong! Attempts to connect to magicjack with the app after clicking forget me on this device resulted in an error saying "Your device is not on this account"
Excuse me, but it sure as hell better be, considering I'd been using the magicjack free service for months on the exact same device! My iPhone 4S did not magicly become another device in a 30 second period!
Complicating matters even more however, is the fact that back when I first registered with magicjack, I used an email address which is now no longer in service. This is the email address I had been logging in to MJ with when using the free service, since once you set up an account, you cannot update or modify it. When ordering my phone number yesterday however, I had the option of adding a new email address, which I did, so that I could be sure I got my order confirmation. Apparently whenever you add an email address like that, it assigns it its own password, though it won't tell you this, unless you request that the password be sent by using the app to say you forgot your password. So basically I now had two email address log ins for the magicjack web site which took me to the exact same account!
Though I could log in to http://my.magicjack.com on the computer and see that I had a US number, using either of the 2 log ins that now went to my account, I could not log in with either address
using the magicjack app itself, so that I could actually use the product for which I had just paid!
Every single attempt to log in with the app would give the your device is not on this account error. Well if my device isn't on the account that had been using magicjack for months for free, then what the hell account is it associated with!
I literally spent most of the night trying to get the magicjack app to connect to my account, but after 7 plus hours, and two attempts at restoring my phone from a known good working iCloud backup, all were unsuccessful! The only thing I did not attempt to do, nor do I want to do this, was to restore my phone as a new phone. My guess is that may fix the MJ app issue, but I cannot afford to do that as I would lose valuable data such as my notes, messages, and contacts among other things.
I should not have to do that anyway. Clearly something on the magicjack servers is associating my account with another device all of a sudden, or it thinks my 4S device belongs somewhere else. Account holders though can not modify any account settings whatsoever! When I used the magicjack app for the very first time last year, I had an iPhone 4, then later got a 4S when I switched carriers. The only thing I can think that may be going on is perhaps MJ's system is trying to now associate my subscription with my long gone iPhone 4! If there were a way to authorize or de-authorize devices on an account, I wouldn't be needing to write this post right now. Magicjack's so-called support doesn't do anything but read from scripts! They don't even have phone support, and it seems there is noone at all that can actually understand my frustration and be willing to try and correct the problem!
I spent 2 hours trying to chat with them today, and all I got out of that was yet a third email address that is now associated with my magicjack account, and just like with the other 2 addresses, attempts to log in to magicjack with the app using the newest address give the error your device is not on this account.
If magicjack would just give it's users more control over their accounts, like most other web sites do, this likely would no longer be an issue. Allow devices to be added and removed at the user's desire, is that so hard?
I should point out here that I do not need, nor do I want an actual magicjack hardware device, I strictly want to use magicjack with my iPhone only, that is all.
So for now I wait and see if anyone higher up at magicjack will actually try and get back to me so I can use the product I put money into. I'm not holding my breath though, and if I feel it necessary, I will have no problem contacting my bank if I have to, in order to get my $20 back, if it becomes obvious that MJ will not allow me to access my own account using my desired iPhone 4S. Earlier this morning, I made a video where I rant in detail about my experience with magicjack. To me, it's sad that magicjack operates this way, giving users virtually no control over their account, and not providing any useful support, yet they still are in business.
When the magicjack app works, it works well, and I honestly hope I'll get to see it work again, but the fact that this kind of a problem can occur, and you as the account holder can't do a damn thing about it, that makes no sense to me.
Here is the link to my video, feel free to share and comment.

When will consumer internet providers offer good upload speeds!

Hello everyone. Remember to find out what's up with me check me out on twitter and/or facebook. This blog now serves as a rant platform, as it has in the past, and boy have I got one for you today. I'm wondering what it will take for consumer internet providers to offer their customers decent upload speeds, and when I say decent, I mean speeds of 10 megabits upstream or better. You may be asking yourself, why on Earth would anyone want that kind of upload, all people do is receive data, they rarely send anything. While it's true the majority of traffic on residential internet providers is downstream to the customer, there are times, when some customers may want at least the option of a decent upstream link to the internet. Here's my own perfect example.
My current internet connection is AT&T U-verse 6 megabits downstream, and just 1 megabit upstream. I have a collection of operating system .iso images I wish to back up off site to servers I use for offsite backup located in Los Angeles and Canada. Getting the files between the Los Angeles and the Canadian server isn't a problem, because the Los Angeles server is located at a data center so has very nice uplinks to the internet. But of course I must first get my files to the Los Angeles server. One of the 2 files I plan to back up is 2.26 gigabytes in size. If one were to download this file over my connection, it'd take slightly less than an hour to download from the internet. However to upload this file, it takes over 5 and a half hours! And if you had a faster downstream internet connection than I do, as many people do these days, you could download this file in as little as 30 minutes or even possibly less!
Internet providers have done a great job offering download speeds, but they have in my view been very lacking on upload offerings, even using existing technology where better upload can be offered. AT&T U-verse for example offers a top package of 24 megabits down and just 3 megabits up. This despite the fact that the DSL line itself is provisioned for 32 megabits download and 5 megabits upload. They insist on reserving the extra bandwidth for their TV offering, even if you only want internet on your line. Then there's the issue of line capability. In my case, my DSL line can support 35 megabits of download and 9.5 megabits of upload. However even if I wanted that speed, I could not request it, AT&T simply will not offer anything above their 24/3 internet offering. I would even be happy with say a temporary speed increase on upload, where you could get up to your full line capability for a short period of time, say 24 hours or whatever, to allow you to perform a large backup and not have to tie up your connection with that upload for hours on end!
To be fair, a few providers do offer good upload, but I do mean a few. Most notably of course is Verizon FIOS, but sadly I don't live in a Verizon FIOS area, nor is it likely that I will anytime soon, especially given that Verizon at least for now has halted their build out of the FIOS network. In my hometown of Lancaster, FIOS availability is a tease at best. I only know of 1, possibly 2 neighborhoods in Lancaster where you can obtain FIOS service. For those lucky enough to have FIOS service though, it can't be beat. For the same price I pay for AT&T 6/1 internet, FIOS users can get 25 megabits both download and upload, and even faster offerings exist, and are quite well priced. I'd literally do almost anything to live in a FIOS serviced area.
Other providers that offer good upload include Comcast and Optimum online, but I don't live anywhere near where they service. Back to my own current setup, since my line is capable of over 9 megabits upload, why doesn't AT&T offer an option of say a symettrical 6/6 package, something the line could for sure do without issue? At least in that case, the network would be symmetrical. I could upload my previously mentioned backup file in a bit less than an hour, just as I'd be able to download it in a bit less than an hour. Why home internet connections are so asymmetrical in this day in age when some users want to send as well as receive content is beyond me! I have had the chance to connect to a 100 megabits per second symmetrical network. My local college has such a network, and let's just say when I started the backup of the first of my 2 files today, I wanted to find a way to access their network because on their network I could upload all 5.23 gigs of my backup in something like 10 minutes or so! Since it seems so hard for internet providers to even be willing to offer any kind of symmetrical connection for consumers, I can't help but wonder what is the monthly cost for the college's 100 megabit internet connection. I hope that one day, consumers will get decent upstream speeds, just as we were able to be graced with always on broadband in the first place back in the late 20th century.
It's amazing to look back really. In August 2001, when I first got broadband, I had 768kbps download and just 128kbps upload. Later in 2002, I had 1.5mbps down and 384kbps up. In 2004, I had up to 4 megabits download and 512kbps up. I also had a symmetrical DSL connection of 768kbps. Yes even back then I went for the upload where possible. Now a consumer living in my area can get 50 megabits downstream, a crazy increase from 10 years ago, but just 5 megabits for the top upload speed.
5 megabits is a good start, but more can and should be offered to those wanting it. At the very least, if residential internet providers don't want to offer symmetrical speeds to their users, there should be a web site or database where a user wanting to make use of a fast upload pipe can check to see where in their area fast upstream links to the internet are available. I mean I'd think there'd be a market for those wanting a fast upload connection for say a couple hours or whatever. I'd pay someone to be able to use their FIOS connection or the like whenever I want to upload a large batch of data and don't want to tie up my connection for hours. It's hard to find places that have good upload connectivity, but I have seen a few. When I attended a convention in Phoenix, AZ in 2010, I had the chance to access the Sheraton hotel network for meeting rooms as I was helping with streaming of the convention. This network offered speeds close to 20 megabits on upload! Also the Los Angeles county library branch in Lancaster I believe has a good upload pipe, as does the city of Bakersfield network. Besides the local Antelope valley college campus, I'm not sure where else good upload can be found, hence why having a database would be useful.
I hope all has a good day, and hope one day in the next decade, consumers can see decent upload speeds for sending data..

welcome to 2012, I do still exist folks

Hello all and welcome to 2012, which I'm hoping will overall be a better year than 2011 was for me. In 4 days, it will have been a year since I last posted here. This is because most of my writings are on facebook and twitter these days, and with me having access to the iPhone, even my rants are either audio or video postings. That said, I figured I would come back to my long running blog, which this April will be 8 years old already, and give you a bit of an update as to what's been going on with me. Back in February 2011, I left Lee and Veronica's place in Bakersfield, and moved with my sister, where I was most of the year until September 17. During that time, lots of things happened. In April, I took my first ever amtrak long duration train trip up to Fremont from bakersfield to visit my friend Morgan in that area. She was sick a fair bit of the time, so we didn't get to do what we'd planned, but we had a good 24 hour visit. In June, I spent Field day at the Bakersfield radio club w6LIE site. However in late June, the unthinkable happened. My iPhone 3GS, which I had since August 2010, was stolen! I was quickly able to replace it with an iPhone 4, as I was able to get an early upgrade discount. My iPhone 4 worked well, and it even went with me to Reno, NV in July, when I attended my third ACB national convention. However in late August, on August 22 to be exact, my laptop, which was just over a year old and still worked perfectly, fell victum to a break in that we had and was stolen along with my sister's TV! Yeah overall other than my Reno trip, and getting to see my friend Jeremy from high school in August, my summer wasn't all that great. I'm now back in Palmdale, with 2011 having ended on a good note, with me getting an iPhone 4S as a christmas present on the sprint network. I'm hoping 2012 will be a good year for me. I'm also going to try and take college classes either in spring or fall, whichever I can get into. So everyone take care, and I hope your 2012 is a good one.

Tragic events this weekend

If you've at all been following the news, then you'll know that on Saturday, January 8, a mentally ill crazy idiot decided to go on a shooting rampage at a congresswoman's event in Tucson, AZ, resulting in the killing of several people, including a 9-year-old girl who had just been elected to her student council and was at the event to learn more about how government worked! The intended target of this shooting was the congresswoman herself. Last I heard, they were optomistic that she would pull through, but it's sad that this event even had to occur! I wish the best for the victims and their families and for the congresswoman who all got caught in the middle of this mess. Well Saturday night a friend of mine from Palmdale came up here to Bakersfield and hung out with me, and though things aren't set in stone just yet, there's a chance I could end up moving back to Palmdale, which wouldn't be too bad. I just hope I can make it through this month financially, because due to me having to cover entire cost of groceries and having to take cabs various places, I'm a bit stressed, as funds are way lower than I'd like for this time of the month. I hope I can soon start to save money again though, as I want to attend the Reno ACB convention this summer.
Wish me luck. Our weather has been cool but dry the last few days, our current temperature is in the low 40's, burrr! Did I mention I want spring to get here yesterday? everyone stay warm and stay safe.

Another year gone by already? Where did 2010 go?

We did it. We've made it through yet another year. You know what this means. It's time to do my brief year in review, where I look back at some of the highlights of 2010 for me.
Without question, at the top of the list would be the road trip my roommates and I took to Phoenix for the ACB 49th national convention in July. During that week, as expected, I had loads and lots of fun, and met many cool friends which I hope to perhaps get to meet again if I get to go to the 2011 convention which will be in Reno, NV. During the months of May and June, I made several trips down to the Junior Blind of America campus in West Los Angeles, where I visited a friend who was attending the facility. I hadn't been on that campus since I was a student there back in 1998-1999!
I also in 2010 re-gained contact with an old friend from elementary school, who I actually got to meet in person just last week, as she is visiting out here from Florida.
Between that and connecting with my friend Veronica for the first time in 11 years, this was a good year for reconnecting with long lost friends.
Unfortunately, wildfires did their damage once again this year, as a fire that burned near the community of Acton, did take out an LA County radio communications site which housed among other things, a GMRS repeater that covered the area nicely.
In October, 33 minors were rescued in Chile after being trapped in the mine they worked at for 69 days following a collapse. It was truly a miracle that all 33 were able to survive and come out alive.
In August, I moved from Lancaster, where I'd been for over 1.5 years, to Bakersfield where I am still at today. My old roomates did move to Oregon, but decided after Thanksgiving they didn't like it there and are now back down in Palmdale. I am in fact visiting them over this New Year's holiday.
In April of this year, a giant earthquake centered near Colexico, rattled nerves and did cause some damage in it's area, and was felt for some distance. This quake was a 7.4 if I recall correctly.
The final event I will bring up, is the incredible amount of rain we have had here in the month of December. From December 17, to December 23, we had almost solid rainfall with some areas receiving over 7 inches of rain during that week! I'm not sure if I have ever seen quite that much rain over such a short period of time, but it was sure nice to see the sun after all that! It'll be interesting to see what the rest of this winter brings us. I do believe it was sometime in January or early February, that we saw the lowest barometer readings in over 20 years. The pressure in Lancaster dropped to 29.07, a reading I thought I would never see! So the weather is certainly newsworthy at times. So as we prepare to bring in 2011, may you have a safe New Year and I hope 2011 has some exciting moments for me and everyone.

Welcome to New Year's eve eve, it's cold!

Yesterday I took a trip down to Covina to visit a new friend and had a good day. This despite the fact that it was again raining and windy much of the day, and once the storm passed, it was just plane cold! Low's this morning dipped to 25 degrees, and tonight promises to be cold as well! It is already a cold 36 degrees here in Palmdale!
So between the rain of last week and the cold and rainy bits of weather this week so far, all I gotta say is do try and keep warm as we prepare to end this year. I am still amazed that tomorrow we will have come to the end of yet another year that seems like it has just begun.
Everyone stay warm and dry and safe out there.

An awesome evening last night visiting with an old friend and meeting a new one

Yesterday's plans to meet my old friend Kimber went very well. After first going to the mall to get a bite to eat, I went to meet up with Kimber and we went to a local Italian restaurant and had a delicious dinner. Kimber's friend Krissie from the central coast also came down to visit Kimber so I got to become friends with her as well. We didn't hang out as long as I wanted to, but I am hoping we get the chance to hang out again before they both head back home. On the weather front. would you believe it is not raining! I know it's a miracle! The rain finally let up last night just in time for Kimber and I to meet each other. A great time was had by all, and I even wanted to try and spend the night, however I guess Kimber's parents have the whole family around so I can't be with them. I wil enjoy this break from the rain though for sure.